EPUB 3 Samples Project

The EPUB 3 Samples Project provides a collection of EPUB 3 publications intended to showcase features of the specification and to provide testing materials for reading system developers.

The site is maintained by the W3C's EPUB 3 Community Group.

EPUB 3 Samples

A table of samples is available that describes the sample EPUB 3 publications and provides links to obtain their source.

The samples are available in both expanded and packaged form to simplify the review of markup patterns and facilitate testing in reading systems. The expanded source is maintained in the EPUB 3 Samples Project's github repository under the "30" directory. Individual downloads are available from the releases page.

A feature matrix has also been developed that charts which publications in the samples project exhibit which features of EPUB 3.

EPUB for Education

Samples of EPUB for Education publications are maintained in EDUPUB github repository.

EPUB Test Suite

This project provides samples for general testing of content. Please see the EPUB test suite for a more comprehensive set of publications. The test suite publications are used to generate the results posted to http://www.epubtest.org.