EPUB 3 Accessibility Guidelines

About this Guide

This guide has been designed to help guide you in the creation of accessible EPUB 3 content. It includes a quality assurance checklist together with instruction on how to implement the requirements.

If you are new to accessible publishing, the best place to start is with the free O'Reilly book Accessible EPUB 3, as it will walk you through the basic issues you need to understand in more detail — and with more of an instructional focus. The EPUB 3 Best Practices book includes the information in Accessible EPUB 3 as a chapter, but has also been expanded to include additional information. If you're looking for a more general purpose guide to EPUB 3 production, that also covers accessibility, the Best Practices guide is recommended.

For general how-to questions, please create a new topic in the IDPF accessibility discussion forum. Someone will always try to respond!