WARNING: This document is OBSOLETE.

The EPUB 3 Core Media Types are defined in the EPUB 3 Specification.

EPUB 3 Core Media Types

5 October 2016

Document history

Status of this Document

This document is subject to change at any time with the approval of the EPUB Working Group.

The media types defined in this document will not be removed, but may be deprecated.

Requests for additions, modifications and clarifications can be made through the Issue Tracker. Pull requests are also welcome. Note that requests for new Core Media Types need to show that the requested media type has broad support across platforms.

Refer to the IDPF Issue Reporting Guidelines for more information about the change request process.

1. Overview

This document identifies the set of Core Media Types that EPUB 3 Reading Systems support.

2. Supported Media Types

The following table lists the EPUB 3 Core Media Types.

The columns in the table represent the following information:

Media Type Content Type Definition Applies to
Image Types
image/gif [GIF] GIF Images
image/jpeg [JPEG] JPEG Images
image/png [PNG] PNG Images
image/svg+xml SVG Content Documents [ContentDocs3] SVG documents
Application Types
application/xhtml+xml XHTML Content Documents [ContentDocs3] XHTML Content Documents that use the XHTML syntax [HTML].
application/javascript [RFC4329] Scripts. Deprecates text/javascript
application/x-dtbncx+xml [OPF2] The superseded NCX.
application/font-sfnt [OpenType] [TrueType] OpenType and TrueType fonts. Deprecate application/vnd.ms-opentype.
application/font-woff [WOFF] WOFF fonts
application/smil+xml [MediaOverlays3] EPUB Media Overlay documents
application/pls+xml [PLS] Text-to-Speech (TTS) Pronunciation lexicons
Audio Types
audio/mpeg [MP3] MP3 audio
audio/mp4 [AAC LC], [MP4] AAC LC audio using MP4 container
Video Types
EPUB 3 does not currently define any video codecs as Core Media Types. Refer to the note in EPUB Publications — Reading System Conformance for informative recommendations on support for video codecs in EPUB Publications.
Text Types
text/css CSS Style Sheets [ContentDocs3] CSS Style Sheets.
Font Types
font/woff2 [WOFF2] WOFF2 fonts


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