EPUB Collection Element Role Extensions

5 October 2016

Document history


This document identifies custom roles that have been defined for the EPUBĀ® package document's collection element.

The roles defined on this page have not been adopted by the EPUB Working Group, and their use is not endorsed by the IDPF. They are presented here for informational purposes only, and should be treated as experimental.

For a list of IDPF-endorsed roles, please refer to the EPUB Registry of Collection Roles

This document is informative and is not tied to a particular version of the EPUBĀ® specification.

Revision Policy

This document is subject to change at any time as new roles are defined by the IDPF community. Roles may be removed from this document if they are no longer supported.

To include a custom role definition on this page, please open a new issue in the Issue Tracker.

Refer to the IDPF Issue Reporting Guidelines for more information about the change request process.



The following roles have been registered by CoNETS, an association of Japanese textbook publishers.

For additional information about these roles, please refer to "CoNETS roles of the package document's collection element".

A collection representing a learning content unit.
A collection representing adjacent pages of the same display form.
A collection representing a fixed-layout page.