EPUB Package Metadata Guide

4 July 2016

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1. Overview

The EPUB format only defines a minimal set of metadata properties for use in the Package Document, and these properties are defined solely to control layout and rendering of the content. Authors are expected to use properties from existing vocabularies for any needed metadata that cannot be expressed using the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set.

A consequence of this approach is that it is not always clear if there are preferred metadata properties that Authors should be using for common expressions. The intent of this document is to provide a list of common solutions to these metadata questions.

The table of properties below represents suggestions from the EPUB working group and community. Authors are not required to use these properties.

If a common use is not covered, suggestions for additions can be made through the issue tracker. Creating a pull request that includes the suggested property, definition and example is strongly preferred.

2. Metadata Properties

Property Description Example

The schema.org numberOfPages property provides the total number of pages. This number represents a static page count that does not change based on the device or reading system used.

The value typically reflects one of: 1) the total number of pages in a fixed-layout publication; 2) the static page count from a print equivalent; or 3) the total number of static page break markers in a reflowable publication.

<meta property="schema:numberOfPages">227</meta>