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The Media Overlays Vocabulary is now an appendix of the EPUB 3 Specification.

Media Overlays Metadata Vocabulary

5 October 2016

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Markus Gylling, International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF)

Matt Garrish, Invited Expert

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  1 Overview

  1.1 Purpose and Scope

This section is informative

This vocabulary defines a set of properties for describing Media Overlays [MediaOverlays3] in the Package Document metadata [Packages3].

This vocabulary is a companion to the EPUB Media Overlays 3 [MediaOverlays3] specification and is intended to be read in conjunction with that document.

  1.2 Referencing

The base IRI for referencing this vocabulary is http://www.idpf.org/epub/vocab/overlays/#.

The prefix "media:" is reserved for use [Packages3] with properties in this vocabulary and does not have to be declared in the Package Document.

  1.3 Terminology

Terms with meanings specific to EPUB 3 are capitalized in this document (e.g., "Author", "Reading System"). A complete list of these terms and definitions is provided in [EPUB3].

Only the first instance of a term in a section is linked to its definition.

  1.4 Conformance Statements

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All examples in this specification are informative.

  2 Media Overlays Properties

  2.1 active-class

Name: active-class
Description: Author-defined CSS class name to apply to the currently-playing EPUB Content Document element.
Allowed value(s): xsd:string
Cardinality: Zero or one
Example: <meta property="media:active-class">-epub-media-overlay-active</meta>

  2.2 duration

Name: duration
Description: The duration of the entire presentation or of a specific Media Overlay. The specified durations account for the audio clips known at authoring time, and so exclude live streaming from external resources and speech synthesis.
Allowed value(s):

A clock value.

must be a [SMIL] clock value.

Cardinality: Exactly one for a given Rendition and for each Media Overlay.
Example: <meta property="media:duration">1:36:20</meta>

  2.3 narrator

Name: narrator
Description: Name of the narrator.
Allowed value(s): xsd:string
Cardinality: Zero or more
Example: <meta property="media:narrator">Joe Speaker</meta>

  2.4 playback-active-class

Name: playback-active-class
Description: Author-defined CSS class name to apply to the EPUB Content Document's document element when playback is active.
Allowed value(s): xsd:string
Cardinality: Zero or one
Example: <meta property="media:playback-active-class">-epub-media-overlay-playing</meta>


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