WARNING: This document is OBSOLETE.

The EPUB Spine Properties Vocabulary is now an appendix of the EPUB 3 Specification.

EPUB Spine Properties Vocabulary

5 October 2016

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Markus Gylling, International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF)

Matt Garrish, Invited Expert

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  1 Overview

  1.1 About this Vocabulary

This section is informative

This vocabulary defines a set of properties for describing various features of the Package Document [Packages3].

The properties in this vocabulary are usable in the various Package Document attributes that accept the property datatype [Packages3], and are grouped by the element and attribute that they can be used in.

  1.2 Referencing

Properties are referenceable using the base IRI http://idpf.org/epub/vocab/package/#.

  1.3 Terminology

Terms with meanings specific to EPUB 3 are capitalized in this document (e.g., "Author", "Reading System"). A complete list of these terms and definitions is provided in [EPUB3].

Only the first instance of a term in a section is linked to its definition.

  2 Spine itemref Properties

The following tables define properties for use in the itemref element [Packages3] properties attribute [Packages3].

  2.1 page-spread-left

Name: page-spread-left
Description: The page-spread-left property indicates that the first page of the associated item element's EPUB Content Document represents the left-hand side of a two-page spread.

  2.2 page-spread-right

Name: page-spread-right
Description: The page-spread-right property indicates that the first page of the associated item element's EPUB Content Document represents the right-hand side of a two-page spread.

  2.3 Examples

The following example shows how a two-page spread of a map might be indicated in the spine.

	<itemref idref="title"/>
	<itemref idref="ps-1-l" properties="page-spread-left"/>
	<itemref idref="ps-1-r" properties="page-spread-right"/>
	<itemref idref="toc"/>


Normative References

[EPUB3] EPUB 3 .

[Packages3] EPUB Packages 3 .