This document describes a magazine-specific structural vocabulary.

This document is subject to change at any time. The terms defined herein will never be removed, but may be deprecated.

Any use of terms marked [draft] should be considered experimental.

Deprecated term are identified by the label [deprecated]. These terms are no longer recommended for use.

About this vocabulary

The intention of these terms is to assist in navigation, so each identifies a semantically distinct portion of a magazine page that may be repositioned in relation to the others on that page for a specific rendition (e.g., to accommodate different aspect ratios or viewport dimensions, while enabling proper navigation between them, whether repositioned or not).

PRISM Controlled Vocabularies

The PRISM Controlled Vocabularies should be used to provide industry-standard magazine semantics to aid in region-based navigation.

In particular, the following subset of terms from the PAM Content Class Vocabulary are recommended for their use in magazine navigation:

When using these terms for EPUB region-based navigation, the predefined prefix "prism:" is required.

Additional Regions


A region containing an article in full, or a portion of a multi-page article. Note that the presence of this property does not imply semantic integrity: the boundaries of an article-region are arbitrary, not necessarily aligned with the semantic components of an article.


A region that contains the text of the article.


A region that contains an image or illustration or, more generally, a piece of media allowed by the format. The region may contain a video, a slideshow, an HTML animation inserted in the page, or similar multimedia component.